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An Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs- Terrance Chalk

February 12 2020 Published on #Business Services, #Inspiring Story, #Terrence Chalk, #Strategy planning by Terrence chalk

Terrence Chalk is one of the successful entrepreneurs, who inspire others to achieve their same dream. He built a multi-million dollar company himself with his dedication.

The Initial career of Terrence Chalk:

In his initial career, he got a job from a sub-contractor but he had interest in computer and technology. He started teaching PC repairs at a state college of higher education, known as Suny Farming Dale. After some small jobs, he finally got a job in a reputed company where he was earning 92,000 $ every year.

How he became Successful?

Due to lesser satisfaction with his job, Terrence Chalk finally started a Company in the year 1990 with the name of Computek. In the year 2004, the company acquired Linx Logic and turned its name to Compulinx Managed Services.

Being a start-up in its five years of operations, Computex became one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.A. In the year, he was dignified with the name of the businessperson of the year.

Popularity & Areas of Expertise:

 He is well known for his career development programmes for the companies whose employees are not showing their interest in the company’s activities anymore. These programmes are known as staff engagement, training, and career development. He has brought sustainable solutions for small and bigger companies to reduce the number of disengaged employees. Other than this he is working on different areas, which come under his expertise.

Those areas are defined below briefly:  

Strategic acquisitions and mergers:

Strategic acquisition and mergers are covered as his expert services due to his work experience in these areas. He himself acquired Linx Logic in the year 2004 and merged with it.

Create and leverage strategic business networks:

He is good at creating and leveraging strategic business networks and helps many companies to successfully make networks and leverage them.

Manage complexity and highly skilled at solving problems or making decisions:

He has quality of managing complexity, providing solutions to the problems and taking prominent decisions for the growth of the businesses.

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